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Building Your Dream Job

Building Your Dream Job

step by step keys to creating the job that feeds your purpose


Dream Job ImageIt seems everyone is searching for their “dream” job. Is it out there? Does it exist?

Participants in this presentation will discover that the dream job does indeed exist. They will learn how to step-by-step strategies for clarifying their purpose and identify skills and talents that correspond to their purpose. They will discover the magic correlation between passion and purpose and will learn how to use these building blocks to construct their own dream job.

This session has a “Go-It-Alone” track and a “Build-It-In-The-Box” track.

  • Go It Alone is geared toward entrepreneurs or those with an entrepreneurial viewpoint.
  • Build It In The Box is geared toward participants who desire to build a dream job within the construct of their current career or occupation.

In both tracks, participants learn that constructing one’s dream job has more to do with how one builds that with what one builds!

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