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Focus on the Sweet Spot

Posted by on Jul 14, 2011 | 5 comments

Focus on the Sweet Spot

The Stupidest Interview Question

Do you remember a time when you sat in an interview and they ask you that dreaded question: “What is  your biggest ‘challenge’ (read weakness)?”  And they’d always try to couch it as the flip side of the “what is your greatest asset/strength?” question.

Or maybe you were in the inquisitor’s chair and were responsible for asking these questions. What were you hoping as an interviewer? That the job seeker would say, “Well, you know, I’m just really lazy and don’t work well with others!”?

When I Actually Cared…

When I was being interviewed, I thought for a long time about this.  I crafted carefully-worded, witty responses that would hopefully distract my interviewer and show that I was “cool” under fire.

The biggest personal “challenge” that I identified was lack of focus and follow through.

I love to do everything (or almost everything).  I love learning new things.  I have a million interests.  I don’t want to get too mired in one project, because maybe another more exciting one will come along.

And so I read books on [easyazon-link asin=”1558747524″]The Power of Focus[/easyazon-link] (Amazon affiliate link, but a great book, nonetheless) and tried to find ways to develop better focus.

But I found that it was really difficult to go against my natural proclivities. I was constantly fighting myself to stay “on task” and to “focus.”  It was draining.

Magic of the Sweet Spot

Then I found the secret…the sweet spot.  This expression usually refers to activities that come with ease and seem to flow almost magically through us. When you are in your sweet spot, you know it.

You have this almost tingling energy, even if you are dead-tired. You can’t wait to go to the next thing because you are a part of something bigger than yourself.  It is exciting and exhausting at the same time.  But it is always energizing.

Isn’t this how life should always be lived?  I think so.

And you know what I have found?  When I recognize my sweet spot and focus on living from that place and letting all the other tasks and duties go (or delegating and outsourcing them), I end up “on task” automatically.  I’m following an internal guide that is much more accurate than any external game plan or goal list.

So as you pursue your dreams, release the things you are fighting for (or against) and focus on your sweet spot. Do your work–the work that only you can do. Delegate or release the rest and enjoy the ride.  It just gets better and better!

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  1. Susan Maricle

    For me, the “can’t wait” part nails it. Whether I get out of bed because I can’t stop thinking of an idea, or can’t wait to get back from a walk, I’ve hit the writing sweet spot. Thanks Steve, for a very relatable post! Susan

    • Steve Rice

      That is such a great spot to be, Susan! I hope you stay there perpetually! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I’m gonna pop over to your site and snoop around! 🙂

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