Finding Courage to Live a Life of Joy

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The Secret of the “Spark”

If you are yearning for a life of greater meaning, purpose and joy, you are in the right place!

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About Author, Steve Rice

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Steve Rice

With the release of his breakout book, An Imperceptible Spark: Finding the Courage to Live a Life of Joy, in the spring of 2011, Steve Rice continues his mission to help others to live well!  

In the “Spark Book”  Steve shares his own journey toward a life of greater joy and significance and tells about the “nearly imperceptible spark” that made the difference in his life.

Steve is an entrepreneur, author and professional speaker. For more than ten years, Steve has worked with businesses in a wide variety of industries from education to healthcare. He has spoken for groups that include civic, church and corporate organizations.

He is driven to inspire others to live well by motivating them to link their God-given abilities with their own unique mission.

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