Finding Courage to Live a Life of Joy

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Most People…

…spend their lives dreaming of making a change

…want to do work that is fulfilling and makes a difference.

…know they were meant for more.

Some People

…refuse to take no for an answer

…will fall down and get up again.

…will shirk the status quo and follow their dream anyway.

A Few People…

…will fail.

…will persist, anyway.

…will succeed.

YOU deserve to live well!
YOU deserve to break away from the field of “most people”
and launch yourself past “some people”
into the sphere of the heroic few.


What Makes the Difference?

What makes the difference between the many, the some and the few?  What makes the difference in a person’s life between all the minutes that have passed and all the minutes that have yet to pass and the one moment that changes everything?

The “Spark” Makes the Difference!

In An Imperceptible Spark: Finding the Courage to Live a Life of Joy, you’ll read of my quest for a life of greater joy.  I share what propelled me on the journey, the obstacles I faced along the way and the surprising discovery I made in the process.

I share specific steps that you can take in order to begin moving out of the “rut”  you have found yourself in and begin taking better control of your mind, and consequently, your life!

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