Finding Courage to Live a Life of Joy

About An Imperceptible Spark

An Imperceptible Spark:

Finding the Courage to Live a Life of Joy

by Steven Rice

“What makes the difference between this moment and a million that have come before it and million that will come after it?”

That is the question that author Steven E. Rice asks himself in his debut title, An Imperceptible Spark: Finding the Courage to Live a Life of Joy. In the book, Steve tells the story of his quest for a life of greater joy. He shares what propelled him on the journey, the obstacles he faced along the way and the surprising discovery he made in the process.

Feeling trapped by a ‘good’ life, Steve wondered if there was any way to live a life of joy. That question launched him on a quest over the course of several years and culminated in his documenting the journey in An Imperceptible Spark.

That “nearly imperceptible spark” –a simple decision—is what makes all the difference between the creation of a dream and the courage it takes to see it through.

“The magic’s just started; the journey, just begun,” Steve says. “A quest is my story, your story, our story. It is the human story and you are on a journey whether you realize it or not.”

Join him for the exciting journey that will give you insight into your own.  Pick up your copy of An Imperceptible Spark today!

An Imperceptible Spark

  • will challenge you to face yourself
  • will inspire you to face what holds you back
  • will encourage you dare to live the life you imagine
  • will empower you, with specific techniques and examples, to live a more joyous life

You Will Learn

  • How to take action in the face of insecurity and fear (chapter 1 and 2)
  • How to experience more joy in your present circumstances (chapter 2)
  • How to conquer the “if onlys…” in life (chapter 3)
  • How to let go of struggle and resistance (chapter 4, 6 and 7)
  • How to engage the “Playground of the Mind” (chapter 5)
  • How to weather the storm (chapter 6)
  • How to engage life and live well (chapter 9)
  • How to hear the voice of intuition (chapter 10)
  • How to move from your “sweet spot” to become “the Influencer” (Chapter 12)

Table of Contents

The major lessons and themes of the book are listed above, however, the Contents will give you a feel for the overall structure and tone of the book.

Introduction (click on the link to read it)

  • Trapped–Snared by a Good Life (click HERE to download this chapter free)
  • The Ghost of Insecurity Present
  • Shift Happens!
  • The Storyteller’s Tales
  • The Playground of the Mind
  • Time to Face the Real World (or How to Weather the Storm)
  • The Gratitude Gateway
  • The Gardner’s Advice–Let It Be
  • Relaxing Into the Drop
  • “It Just Feels Right”
  • The Chart Maker
  • Lesson of the Sage
  • Do It Anyway!

The Reviews

“Unlike a lot of Motivational or Self-Help books, Steve doesn’t tell us to change what we are doing- rather, we should be changing how we are thinking. I love this. I confess I’m not giving this book a 5-star review. But the reason for that is not because it is not a good book. I think it is; but theologically/philosophically, I just could not agree with some of the points. That’s an issue with my worldview, not an issue with the writing or the book.” – A Bug’s Life, Laurel C.

“An Imperceptible Spark is raw, honest and very reflective. Through out the book the message is clear. Joy is a choice we make every day in every moment of our lives.” – The Niche Clarity Coach, Sherrie Koretke

“This book gives me hope because it shows how one person can cast off the expectations of others and live a life that is rewarding and joyful.” – Janette

“Steven Rice’s message is very simple: we already have the imperceptible spark, you need not wait for anyone to give to you and you need not wait for tomorrow for things to get better. The act of bringing this spark to life rest solely on you.” –Steve G.

“Wonderful, wonderful. wonderful – your book is absolutely fabulous! Everyone needs a copy of this.” – Dave T.

“As I read your book, I know that God is using you to speak right to my heart. Nothing worthwhile comes without risk. And if your faith isn’t risky then it isn’t true faith. True faith requires us to close our eyes, take a deep breath, and jump! Thanks for the encouragement!”  – Martha J.

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An Imperceptible Spark: Finding the Courage to Live a Life of Joy is 134 pages of my personal story–the fears and insecurities I faced and the obstacles I had to overcome in order to learn to live a life of greater joy and meaning.

Perhaps you are just like me…feeling “Trapped” by the good life. Maybe you are already living the life you desire but there is just something missing.  If so, the “spark book” will resonate with you.

It is available for $12.95 in paperback and $7.95 for your Kindle or Nook.  I urge you to pick up your copy today!



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