Finding Courage to Live a Life of Joy

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Laurel at A Bug’s Life (6/9/2011)

I have just had the pleasure of reading a book authored by a friend of mine. (I get to say I know an author, now. And not just know him, he played piano for my wedding. I feel like a little fan-girl now. *grin*)

“An Imperceptible Spark: Finding the Courage to Live a Life of Joy” By Steven Rice

In this book, Steve shares his journey to joy with us. The beginning of the story is one a lot of us can identify with- feeling trapped, in a rut, running as fast as we can to nowhere we want to go.

As Steve shares throughout the book, the rest of the story can be full of joy and peace, rather than the frustration and emptiness we may be anticipating.

Unlike a lot of Motivational or Self-Help books, Steve doesn’t tell us to change what we are doing- rather, we should be changing how we are thinking. I love this.

Our thoughts have such a profound effect on what we do, how we do it, and most of all, how we feel. In a lot of cases, we have no control over what is happening to or around us, but we can have control over our minds.

Another aspect Steve talks about in sharing his journey is gratitude. Gratitude is an attitude changer. Another point I love that he makes here. Gratitude helps you fix your focus where it needs to be, and brings joy in difficult times.

I confess I’m not giving this book a 5-star review. But the reason for that is not because it is not a good book. I think it is. It is well-written, it is an easy read- I don’t feel like I’m slogging through a bunch of technical or spiritual terms I don’t get- I like the format, I enjoyed the extra quotes (and fully intend to copy some of them for my wall); but theologically/philosophically, I just could not agree with some of the points.

For me, that knocks off a couple stars, but that’s an issue with my worldview, not an issue with the writing or the book. I am glad I read this book. I learned from it. It’s worth reading for sure.At the end of the book, Steve reveals to us that the search we are on, in the end, is not completely about joy and peace. It is a search for………… oh, sorry, you’ll have to read it to find that out.

Sherrie Koretke at (6/7/2011)

An Imperceptible Spark is raw, honest and very reflective. In it Steven shares his personal story about his journey back to joy and he what he learned. He then shows us the roadblocks to joy through relatable stories and how to bust through them. He brings home the point that joy is our natural state. He also shares wisdom on why you may not be experiencing joy and how to get there. Through out the book the message is clear. Joy is a choice we make every day in every moment of our lives.

Here’s a favorite quote of mine from the book that gives you a feel for what the book is about:

“We can certainly chose to live a life of suffering and striving, but there is a another way. We choose the path of surrender. We can choose ease and allow the flow of life to pass through our experience unimpeded.” Steven Rice

It’s important to note his approach isn’t passive. There is some mental and emotional work involved, but come on . . . if the end result is a life lived joyfully the work is 100% worth it.

Steven Rice says he hadn’t given joy much of a thought during his youth but I strongly feel that he was meant to teach us about joy. Besides the fact that his face clearly indicates a joyful person, people who sit down and writes a whole book on the subject are meant to share joy with us. Thank you for sharing this joyful wisdom with us, Steven! (5/27/2011)

How do you live a life of joy? Is it really possible to live one’s life directed by joy? What would a life of joy even look like?

Steven Rice has written a book about his spiritual quest for a life of joy. An Imperceptible Spark: Finding the Courage to Live a Life of Joy tells about Steve’s journey from living a life of frustration to living the life of his dreams. He tells of the events that prompted the journey, of the obstacles he faced, the observations that he made along the way and the surprising discovery that he made at the end.

About Steve Rice
Mr. Rice is a trained workshop facilitator, and has conducted relationship enhancement and communication workshops. He has provided keynotes for a variety of church and civic organizations. An Imperceptible Spark: Finding the Courage to Live a Life of Joy is his first book.
Steve Discovers His Life Purpose
Many people struggle to determine their life purpose. Why am I hereWhat am I supposed to be doing? Mr. Rice wanted to define his innate purpose. He believes each person is uniquely equipped to fulfill a purpose. One day, Steve realized that his purpose was to give other people hope. He realized that all the things he does instinctively and intuitively are driven by hisdesire to give hope to others. Steve tells about that nearly imperceptible spark…taking courage and making a decision…that has changed his thoughts and changed his life.

How Do You Change Your Mind?
Mr. Rice compares a shift in thinking to a tidal wave. When a tidal wave hits an island, it wipes out everything in it’s path. After the destruction, new life emerges and growth occurs. Steve tells how the “tsunami” of change began to hit his life and to transform his experience profoundly. In the mind, when a shift like this occurs, a wave of new thoughts begins to churn like the waves beneath the surface of the ocean. When these new thoughts meet the resistance of old habits and thought patterns, that is when the evidence of the new thought becomes visible. A change in habits and thought patterns is never easy but it is possible. Mr. Rice shares exactly how he changed his life by changing his thoughts.

This book gives me hope because…
it shows how one person can cast off the expectations of others and live a life that is rewarding and joyful. I have everything I need to live a life of joy. Each person has an imperceptible spark…the courage to make a decision to change our thoughts and live a life of joy!


Steve G – I really enjoyed Steven Rice’s debut book about something that each of us already has inside us; an imperceptible spark. Steven Rice tells us that we do not have to accept suffering. While suffering is a part of life, we need be swimming in it at all. Steven suggests that ‘suffering and struggle simply serve as warning to awake the soul when it is unconscious and draw it into the present moment where it can experience joy, peace and love.’ I found this statement to be very true and yet I grew up in the Catholic religion where suffering was looked on as Godly and necessary, but I always asked WHY? Why would one want to swimming in suffering? Think of it this way; if you step on a mouse trap and it snaps your foot, would you stand there in pain and just accept it? No of course not! You would remove it and tend to your wounds, get up and keep going forward. That is basically what Steven Rice is saying: suffering and struggle DO serve as a warning to wake up and don’t just accept suffering as the status quo. That being said, I think some people might not completely get that right away. People who think that suffering is good for the soul. And in many ways, suffering is good for the soul as it is alerting us to the spark we have within to change our present situation, not to swallow in suffering.

Steven Rice’s book is like a bell tower ringing a bell getting us to look not only upwards, but especially inwards and gets us to realize you can and must change your life if you are unhappy with it. He also points out how people want you to adopt their drama. Who of us has not had a friend or family member that feeds off pity and reject any form of real help? As you find your spark, there will be people who need you to come down to their personal hell and suffering and sit with them instead of offer any real help. I believe C. S Lewis said it best when he said “The doors of hell is locked from the inside” and in many cases, people choose to adopt suffering and want you to adopt it too. Steven Rice says we can reflect our genius to those that haven’t found their spark. Tell me, encourage them but never adopt their drama.

Steven Rice’s message is very simple: we already have the imperceptible spark, you need not wait for anyone to give to you and you need not wait for tomorrow for things to get better. The act of bringing this spark to life rest solely on you.

Dave T. – Wonderful, wonderful. wonderful – your book is absolutely fabulous! Everyone needs a copy of this.

Martha J. – Well, got the book yesterday. I have made it through the first two chapters. So far it is amazing! The last few weeks have been a torrent of thoughts of fear and doubt. As a read your book I know that God is using you to speak right to my heart. Nothing worthwhile comes without risk.

And if your faith isn’t risky then it isn’t true faith. True faith requires us to close our eyes, take a deep breath, and jump! Thanks for the encouragement! Now I must go read more.